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Internship Opportunities with the National Student Campaign Against Hunger & Homelessness

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Intern with the National Student Campaign Against Hunger and Homelessness and gain valuable skills and course credit while working on the issues about which you are passionate.

The National Student Campaign's internships are designed to give students stronger leadership skills and a better understanding of the problems of hunger and homelessness while strengthening our programs and building the organization. Each intern will work closely with our staff to develop internship goals and plan of action. In addition, interns will receive valuable training on campaign and program development. You will learn the basic skills of running campus and grassroots campaigns, learn about state and federal hunger, housing, and homeless assistance programs, and strengthen your leadership skills.

Hunger Cleanup Internship Every spring, students across the country join efforts to address the problems of hunger and homelessness by participating in the Annual Hunger Cleanup. The Hunger Cleanup is one of the largest national community service a-thons in the country, through which students roll up their sleeves and grab paint brushes, hammers, and rakes to volunteer at local hunger and homelessness relief agencies. Since one day of service is not enough to effectively alleviate hunger and homelessness, students also ask their friends, family members, professors, and local businesses to sponsor their efforts, ensuring that service agencies have the funds needed to continue their work. Over its twenty-one year history, the Cleanup has made a significant impact, involving 150,000 volunteers and raising more than $1.75 million for local, national, and international hunger and homelessness relief efforts.

The Hunger Cleanup Intern is responsible for developing and implementing a plan for his/her campus and local community. The Hunger Cleanup Intern will research the local community needs and raise funds, food, and volunteer power to help alleviate those needs. Plus, the intern will further build the national movement to end hunger and homelessness by engaging the campus and local community through educational events and advocacy campaigns.

Hunger Cleanup Intern Responsibilities:

  • Participate in weekly goal setting, planning, and organizing meetings with staff of the National Student Campaign.
  • Recruit at least 10 students from campus to participate in the Hunger Cleanup.
  • Raise $1,000 through volunteer sponsorships, online sponsorships and fundraising events on campus and in the community.
  • Host a day of service

Conference Outreach Internship  Every year, the National Student Campaign hosts a national fall conference and regional spring summit. These conferences give students a better understanding of the problems by learning from some of the leading activists, organizers, and advocates in the anti-hunger and homelessness movement. Each conference offers a weekend filled with diverse workshops, informative panel discussions, inspirational speakers, innovative programming ideas, and networking opportunities.

The Conference Outreach Intern is responsible for developing an outreach plan in his/her region to motivate and excite students about the opportunities offered at the conferences. The Conference Outreach Intern will recruit students to attend, present workshops, and lead regional breakout groups throughout the conference weekends.

Conference Outreach Intern Responsibilities:

  • Participate in weekly goal setting, planning, and organizing meetings with staff of the National Student Campaign.
  • Research appropriate contacts (Community Service Office, Campus Ministry Office, Student Activities Office, Alpha Phi Omega Chapter, Sociology Department) on at least 30 campuses.
  • Work with 15 interested campuses through weekly or biweekly phone conversations.
  • Recruit 10 students, representing 5 schools, to attend the conference.


Website and Materials Internship The National Student Campaign has thousands of students, staff, and faculty within its national network. Therefore, website information, email updates and action alerts, and written materials are valuable tools that convey the extent of hunger and homelessness, inspire schools to get involved in the national movement, and provide resources to organize effective events and comprehensive campaigns. The website and materials of the National Student Campaign are the only resources many schools have; this requires that they be compelling, thorough, accessible, and adaptable to campuses and communities across the country.

The Website and Materials Intern is responsible for revising and developing annual materials, including the action guide, fact sheets, program brochures, and website text and materials. The Website and Materials Intern will utilize his/her creativity, design skills, and communication abilities.

Website and Materials Intern Responsibilities:

  • Participate in weekly goal setting, planning, and organizing meetings with staff of the National Student Campaign.
  • Design a program brochure, poster, and flyer for one national program.
  • Design and regularly update the website, at least once a week.
  • Design and update a national campus events calendar for the website on a weekly basis.

Requirements For All Internships Strong commitment to hunger, homelessness, and poverty-related issues. Strong writing and analytical skills. Ability to speak persuasively. Desire for public outreach to students, community members, and advocacy groups. Enthusiasm for such work. Internships are required to volunteer 5-10 hours per week.

Although National Student Campaign internships are unpaid, students may receive academic credit from their college or university. The Campaign will also participate in college work study programs.

There is no location requirement for internships. Interns may work with staff of the National Student Campaign through phone calls or in-person meetings at the national organizing office in Chicago.

How to Apply Students interested in more information on internships should contact the National Student Campaign at (312) 291-0349 x302. To apply, complete the following application form.

Internship Application Form